Good Gifts 

Matthew 7:11 If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask Him!  

Father, we thank you that you only give good gifts. We thank you that the gifts you give bless us beyond our dreams that you continue to give your loving grace and mercy. We thank you Father for the love you have for all your children. We thank you for the love message. You protect us from evil. It is in your will and might for your children to prosper in health mind, body and spirit. _____________________________________________________________________________ 

Good gifts continue to flow form our Fathe. This past couple of weeks my heart has been heavy. It has been heavy as our Father has challenged me yet again to grow. To grow and speak His righteous truth to a steward of my family finances. It is not easy this work and growth. Evil is present to prevent us from seeing, experiencing, and having faith that God’s children will and can be triumphant working against the normal of society. It is easy, this work you call us to do. However, it is a work that you are calling us to Father. Help us to hear the call and go that way with boldness and stride that honors you. May the speech of you flow like living water from our lips. May that message of love be the action that we take. May the royalty in which we stand as your children be seen in a way that honors the land, your children, and changes the legacy and generations that follow for years to come. May the years be blessed with continued prosperity and growth that you have established. May it be filled with the peace of you in ways that ears have not heard and brains are continuing to try and understand. While it was not easy and many tears were shed, the other side of the victory was well worth it. It continues to be an opportunity that brings forth harvest thar is yet to be realized. The many blessings that flow from it will be seen for many more years to come. So grateful and thankful to be stretched and molded for God’s glory. Grateful that others get an opportunity to experience His love through the life He has seen fit to bless me with.  


God thank you for the boldness to speak of your love. Thank you for the strength that you placed within your children. We thank you for always giving us another opportunity to experience growth through you. You continue to bless your children in ways that we cannot see or understand. However, it is for our good, these wonderful gifts that you continue to give us. In Jesus name. Amen,  


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