Be Enriched 

Corinthians 9:11 You will be enriched in every way to be generous in every way, which through us will produce thanksgiving to God. 

God thank you for the love that you constantly show and display. As we go on this life journey, the curves that we experience and transverse through are intended to enrich us. Help us to stay focused on the enrichment and not the experience Lord. Help us to see you at work in it all. Help us Lord. In Jesus name. Amen. 


Today is another opportunity to put our everything in the Fater’s hands. However, can we do so? Do we do it willingly or grudgingly. I am constantly reminded of surrendering my cares to the Father. I am often pondering and meditating on events that have happened throughout the day. I am often producing the answers to unasked questions. However, in this quest to do life, I must admit that I endeavor to put it all in His hands. Yet, I find myself at times, nonplussed at the responses I receive. I find myself puzzled at the heartache. I find myself confused by the events that transpire. However, to know that He is at work. He is enriching me. He is pruning me for the next season is a place of power. There is power in being enriched by the Father. To be enriched is to be used by God to show another that He is at work. May the joy of Him reside in our hearts anyway and anyhow during the enriching journey to give us His peace, to allow us to be generous in every way that He says, so that others can be brought back into the Kingdom. It is His will that this is done here in the land. It is His will. To be enriched imparts the Father’s wisdom in us. To be enriched is another way to glorify who He is, that He has dominion and authority overall.  


God thank you for the chance to be enriched by you, so that we may continue to grow, transform, and evolve. May your generosity be used as a tool to bring others back into the Kingdom. May the love of who you be thanksgiving to our soul. A place of peace to reside with you is our prayer today. In Jesus might and miraculous name. Amen. 


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