Gratitude Overflowing 

2 Corinthians 4:15 For all things are for your sakes, that grace, having spread through the many, may cause thanksgiving to abound to the glory of God. 

Father your grace for our sakes spread joy to all. Your grace opens doors for us Father to walk through. It gives us an opportunity to see you. To touch you and experience who you are in this world, so that another may be encouraged to get up and try again. We give you thanks. We glorify you. In Jesus precious and holy name. Amen 


The next level, God is always preparing us for the next. The next test. The next trial. The next victory. The next is always, next. It is a wonderful event to see and be a part. However, are we open to participation when it does not come how we want it.  

Content to stay in my workout routine and with my team, I was not prepared for the change. With my thirst for consistency and a heightened level of improvement suddenly had me looking for something more and better. In my quest I noticed another team that was diligent, faithful and committed to the call of their body temple. With the desire of my heart in my hand I spoke to one of the members. Initially it was to purchase his branded shirt for exercise. However, I eventually got around to my ask of the group he was working out with. He said yes, he would ask, then about ten minutes later I received a text the group was full. Bummer. My feelings were hurt. Crushed even. A few weeks went by. I saw them at the health club, once or twice. My heart longing to be included. To go to the next level. My husband was going to ask. However, the waiting, the longing did not sit well with me. God gave me His strength to pursue what I wanted and yet again, I was told it was full. I gave my number just in case someone dropped out. Would you know, His grace and mercy granted my heart’s desire in the next ten minutes when I received the text to be at the gym the following morning. With gratitude overflowing, I thanked Him for His favor. Gratitude overflowing, I was encouraged to take another step forward into the next that He was preparing for me. Gratitude overflowing in the no. Gratitude overflowing in the wait. Gratitude overflowing in receiving and doing my part in His yes. 


Father, thank you that you continue to take us on a next level journey with you. Help us to wait. Help us to honor your no. Help us to appreciate your yes and see your gratitude overflowing on our lives. In Jesus name. Amen. 


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