Love Endures 

I Chronicles 16:34 Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever.  

Father, thank you for relationship and showing us how to do relationship. It is your love that helps to keep us connected one to another in community Father. It is the love of you that helps us to see ourselves and enables us to do relationship one with another. Thank you for your love and endurance, In Jesus name. Amen,  


Journaling can be therapeutic. In the season of life where it appears as if every day is an event to remember. It has become increasingly important as people pass away. I look at friends and family that have aged. My mind goes back to the time when none of us had grey hair. The spring in our step was a little bouncier. The time we had to spend with each other was that much more plentiful and precious. Conversations much more rewarding and often filled with sharing of wisdom and rich history. Now it appears as if life is passing by more swiftly. Children are growing up so fast. It has helped to look at God with a grateful heart and peace of mind. Here my journaling turns into a list of blessings. The list is a memory of current events; However, it also helps me to remember the times where God showed up and showed out in such a marvelous way in and upon my life. Most recently on a trip with my mom I sat and journaled. It helped me remember my prayer of a closer relationship with her. You see due to family addictive behaviors my relationship with my mom was not, in my estimations, close. Not her or my wish, just life. As such I was glad to be on a trip with her. To have this experience. To be able to come together every year in this manner is more than I prayed for. So grateful to experience and see God. Grateful that God answers prayer. Grateful that God calls us His own. Grateful that God is a miracle worked for us all. So grateful that His love endures, time, trial, and tribulations. God thank you. 


Father, thank you for your love yet again. Thank you for your love that endures the test of time. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to be a part of your miracle working power. Thank you for working miracle upon miracle upon miracle in our lives. Thank you, Father, for your enduring love.  


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