Do It Heartily 

Colossians 3:23 And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men,  

Father we thank you for a hearty heart to follow you Lord. We thank you for yet another opportunity to glorify you in all we do, say or think. Let us be ever mindful to praise your name and tell others of your goodness and who you are in our lives. Let us not forget it is nothing that we have done said or think. However, it is everything that You are Father that allows us yet another opportunity and grants blessings upon blessings. In Jesus mighty name. Amen. 


It is the start of a brand-new year. My goals and resolutions were written down months ago, in November. In November I took an opportunity to reflect on God and meditate from a mind space of thankfulness and gratefulness. To list goals for the new year from a mindset therapy space of gratefulness and thankfulness.  

You see the reflection on the year before highlighted so many endeavors that the Lord allowed and guided me through. Not so much about the achievement, although very valid. However, more so about knowledge, understanding, wisdom, growth, and learning. The idea that God allowed such feats in the year before to prepare me for the heaty work He had ahead for me to do in the land. The kingdom building journey that He has all of us on. However, to go to the next and not run from it in fear there is preparation that He does on our behalf. He does it to equip us, to strengthen us, to give us momentum, to encourage us, to get us to lean on our relationship with Him. All this and so much more is instrumental to our next. All of this and so much more is par tof the foundation building that He does for us all.  I will be the first to say that I did not like or care for the prep work. However, as I look back, may I share that I am yet again so grateful and thankful. I am grateful and thankful because I have a feeling that all of that behind me is nothing like what lies ahead. What lies ahead is only possible because of all that behind me. See you on the other side Queen. 


Father thank you for laying the foundation. Thank you for preparing me for what lies ahead. I do not have to like it. However, I must go through it to be equipped for the journey and tasks for which you wonderfully and fearfully made me for. Let me know that your love for me is sufficient and the hearty work that I do is in Your magnificent name. In Jesus name. Amen 


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