Fulfilled the Law 

Romans 13:8 Owe no one anything except to love one another, for he who loves another has fulfilled the law. 

God thank you for your love of your children. May it penetrate our hearts so that we may love one another like you love each of us. May we not get offended Lord God and continue to extend a helping hand and healing heart. May we not grow haughty Father. May we see you in each of our actions. May hear your voice when we react to life’s happenings. In Jesus name. Amen. 


My feelings are very tender. This week has shown me how so. The job happenings have been off the chain. People’s response to change is highly unpredictable. I’ve had subordinates raise their voice at me, talk over me and demand that I pay attention to their wants and desires right then and there. I’ve had my children decline to spend time with me. I have had a book publisher talk to me as if I am her peon.  However, I must share that I believe my Father is most pleased with me anyhow. You see, I did not respond in kind as I wanted in my flesh. I did, however, stand my ground. I did stand firm in taking the time I needed to clear my head and deliver a different response. Not sure if it was the correct response. However, it was a response that exhibited loving kindness for me and the other person. I know it fulfilled the law, God’s law because my response was done out of and in love. I used my Father’s voice to share my displeasure in love. I used my Father’s love for me to speak up and speak out for injustice. Injustice not as I saw it. Yet, injustice that went against God’s word at my job. I have had a wonderful habit of not honoring my feelings. To allow others and myself to steam roll right over them. However, now knowing the value that He places on my life. I honor every part of me that He has created. My  mind, body and spirit. I honor the total being He created out of respect for the life He saw fit to give me, and no one is allowed to take away, devalue or diminish. My contact with the book publisher, two separate incidents. One which I did not address. However, upon the second incident and at the onset or our business relationship, I had to address. This allowed me the opportunity to call on God’s grace. His love, shown through as I continued the publishing project and committed to two more. My past would have tucked tail and run at the first sight of conflict. God’s love experiences the conflict and walks forward anyway.  


Father I thank you for your law of love. It continues to help grow and strengthen us Father. So good. Thank you for not giving up on your children. Thank you for calling on us to fulfill the law of love. Showing and extending it one to another. Using your love, a wonderful resource to build one another up. In Jesus name. Amen.  


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