Pass Away  

Matthew 24:35 Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will by no means pass away. 

God thank you for your written word. Day by day, moment by moment it gives life to dead situations Father. We thank you for yet another opportunity to see you working on our situation. Let us not grow weary of faint. Let us not stray away from the duties and direction that you would have us to go. Help us continue to journey for your righteousness and truth during trials and tribulations. Give us your peace, give us your strength in Jesus’ name Amen. 


At the end of twenty-four hours another day begins. As I look at this year, I can see so many changes and growth that I am thankful for. I started a business this year. I taught my son how to drive this year. We set out to invest and save and with God’s grace and mercy, my husband and I did exactly that. I am no longer comparing myself to others and am accepting of the unique design God has on my life. I am speaking on God’s goodness, reading His word and speaking on it as well. I am no longer afraid to share my opinion with others and with a group of Queens, am facilitating a weekly Saturday call of Ladies Thriving Together. I am staying in a place of thankful and gratefulness for the improved relationship with my mom. Hopeful for the same with my sister. I am grateful that God answers prayer. That He has blessed me and surrounded me a a group of likeminded women, who want the most out of life and are looking toward the creator for it. They are not only looking. However, taking steps, journeying towards the promise and unique design He has for them. We vacationed together this year and were able to go our separate ways to enjoy ourselves as well as collectively. I am having more honest, open, and transparent (H.O.T) conversations with myself, which allows me to do the same with others. You see, I now know, I must be honest with myself to do so with others. Acknowledge my emotions, acknowledge my hurts and pains. Acknowledge my own wrong doings to others. These earthly things will indeed pass away. However, God’s word, will always remain true. Grateful and thankful that He is not a man that He should lie.  


Father thank you for your word. Thank you for being a living example of does and do nots in this life. It was not easy for you. You dealt with tough people and situations. However, you continued to save, deliver and set free. So, we thank you today. Help us to live your word and know in our hearts that you are calling us all to do a magnificent work in the land. Humbly showing others your glory. In Jesus name. Amen. 


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