Your Paths 

Psalm 25:4 Show me Your ways, O LORD; Teach me Your paths. 

Father thank you for allowing us to see another week, another day, another moment. May the love of who You are Father be in our hearts as we fellowship with one another. May your love be that which we show one towards another as you call us to be in community together Lord. May it be pure and just in our fellowship with each other and our relationship with you. 


Three times this past week did I hear the Lord say. “Wait.” Just as clear as if He was standing right next to me. Just doing ordinary life happenings, my son wanted a full-length mirror for his room. The overachieving mom that I am, we just had to get it from Walmart that evening. He drove us, new permit, and all. Only to find out the next day that his dad had secured a Walmart gift card from a survey for the equivalent of the cost of the full-length mirror. I heard God said, “Wait my daughter, wait.” The next day, that evening, my youngest son and I went to Best Buy to return Microsoft Office because after purchasing I called my husband only to find out that we had Microsoft Office and could install it upon multiple devices. Again, I heard my Father say, “Wait.” He said wait a third time. Because that same evening, I purchased holiday decorations for holiday vending events that I was to vend at this upcoming holiday season. The next workday, a co-worker was cleaning and clearing office space to make space and welcome a newly hired staff member. In this cleaning frenzy, there were holiday decorations that were being tossed. The decorations were some anyway, exactly what I had purchased the evening before. This being the third time that God our Father said, “Wait.” 


God as you show us You, may we seek you Father. May we listen and hear your direction. Forever discerning your ways Father. Looking for you with every action, thought, reaction, and word that we speak. Forever, believing and knowing you are amid it all Father. Leaning into your strength. Looking for you. Seeking you. Asking what you would have us to do. This is our humble prayer, in Jesus holy name. Amen. 


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