Gentleness & Self-control 

Galatians 5:23 gentleness, self-control. Against such there is no law. 

We have all been mad at some point in time of our lives. However, have we looked back at our response to that situation? Have we acknowledged our part in the disgruntled conversation? Have we looked at ourselves and recognized the part we played? Repeatedly I tell myself, I am not going to respond. I can hear the Holy Spirit saying be quiet, do not say anything. Most times, my flesh yields and I can comply. Other time, it is indeed a challenge. This flesh and my tongue start to work in tandem.  

However, as time passes and with each yearly rotation, it gets easier and easier. I often wonder how and why? I can see that our Lord and Savior is the cause and the connection to this peace, this gentleness, this self-control. I look around and notice, that I have taken time out of the day He has blessed me to see and throughout, acknowledge His leading, guidance and direction. It starts with the miracle prayer line. At the onset of the day, 7:00 a.m., reading scripture, praying for others. Throughout the day, conversation with co-workers and others He brings across my path, talking of His goodness, speaking words of encouragement to them. Sharing who He is, uplifting others. Yet again, fasting and praying at noon mid-week to get that Godly boost to keep on keeping on. Finally, at the end of the day praying yet again to acknowledge that Him who has seen us through, and He who will grant us yet another day on tomorrow, if He says so. 

Yet again, grateful, and thankful. Surrounded by His goodness. He impales upon the heart, a heart softened by gentleness, a heart that basks in love, joy peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, and faithfulness. As a result, gentleness and self-control must follow. All fruit of the spirit. Gods, law, and character are reciprocal. Not right in that moment, as the other heart is hardened. However, a constant kneading, and watering of who He is, is sure to bring about a change. It is the law of His written life giving, word. The basic instructions He saw fit to leave for life on this Earth. Let us rejoice in His gentleness and self-control because against such there is no law.  


Father thank you for your gentleness and self-control. Help us to grow in your ways, wisdom, and word Father so that we will seek to please you Lord. Amen 


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