Spirit of God 

Romans 8:14 For as many as are led bt the Spirit of God, these are the sons of God. 

Often, we are led to move from destination to destination without any real idea of why. Most times, it is because we have a need or accomplishment to attend. However, we are moving in this paradigm called life, providing for family needs, having fun along the way, and fulfilling some of our desires as well. Hopefully, we are living, journeying, walking, running, leaping, and operating in the purpose of God’s unique design for our livelihood and life. However, do we truly know, if this is indeed the example and model by which we dwell and live? May I say I am again guilty. Guilty of concentrating on the destination and not noticing the roses along the way. Guilty of passing by participants whom God has put in an intersection, stop light, or one way turn because I am so focused on the destination and no  the journey.  

Yet, if I should take a breath, slow the pace and acknowledge God, feel His presence, look into His smiling face of flowers – the sky, grass, air, people, places, and things only He has provided, then I can be in the Spirit of God. Not simply operating in this life, existing as we go back and forth. However, humbly when we go to the grocery store allowing the person with one item to our forty or so in the cart to go before us. How about something as simple as taking the same cart to the carousel where it belongs versus leaving it where our car is parked, and we just put our groceries. More relational one with another. How about us taking a moment to give food to the neighboring family that we never see going to the grocery store and looks so frail and malnourished. Simple basic human being stuff. However, without the Spirit of God, many walk right on by. Majority cannot see as we are so busy taking care of our own needs.  

With the Spirit of God, we can do so much more. With the Spirt of God, we do not simply just let the person with the one item go in front of us in the line. We also, pay for the groceries for the two to three people behind us. May I share this happened to my sister and I when we purchased the salad fixings for my father’s repast. The lady in front of us did not know that was what she was paying for, the repast salad fixings. However, obeying the Spirit of God brought me to tears when I finally figured out what was going on. Seeing the Spirt of God using her increased my faith as I watched and experienced yet another of His miracles. I know you saints can testify of the same and so much more.  

When we operate in the Spirit of God we have a sincere desire to be helpful to others. We have a desire to be servants one to another as He has so called us to be, with the Spirt of God. The spiritual man can only get stronger with each prayer, with each act of kindness, with each forgiveness, with each scripture read and lived. Thank you, Father for your Spirit, because for as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God.  


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