Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding – which of these three?

Proverbs 24: 3 & 4 By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures. 

It has been a trying three days. My emotions have been all over the map and back again. You see at the world prepares to open back up after a pandemic, during civil unrest due to an election and my own personal life circumstances, I discover my son had adapted too well to being at home. He has developed anxiety and an unwillingness to venture outside of the home. The mere thought of it causes him a nervous stomach and other gastronomic distress. Being a concerned mother, I get emotional and distraught as any mother would. 

However, I thank God for His wisdom. I thank God for knowing that I would need my sister friends that He most recently brought into my life. I thank God that He knew I would need to prayer line that He has allowed me to speak to Him on daily. I thank God that He knows. I thank Him that He cares. I thank Him, I thank Him, I thank Him. 

You see saints in His wisdom, He allowed me to develop a prayer life over five years ago that He knew I would need on this day. My husband and I began praying together over five years ago. One would think we had been doing it at the onset of our marriage, right? Not so. He allowed me this opportunity to be vulnerable with the one human whom I should be the most intimate with in the most private of ways. He then took me on a journey to pray on the Miracle Prayer line, in corporate prayer, for which I am oh so thankful. You see saints approximately two years ago when my father passed, I told my mom that I would go to church with her. I didn’t know how this was going to happen when I had a church home and family of my own. However, during a pandemic, He allowed me to go to church with my mom seven days a week on the Miracle Prayer line. For this I am oh so grateful. Thank you, Jesus. Glory Hallelujah! 

May I say that my understanding of this is new, yet I am open to learn more, oh so much more from our Father. You see the Holy Spirit that dwells within us, I have always heard it speak. Yet, I would often ignore it. I would often do the opposite of what this internal voice compass would tell me to do. However, with the understanding that I have now, that Jesus left this comforter with us. That He left it talk to us about righteousness, growth in Christ like character, correct actions and decision choices. I now understand that I am to listen. I am to head. I am to be obedient to this voice. Because, in these moments of conversation, the Holy Spirit provides the answer to my situation and circumstances, each time. I may not like the answer. However, it still is the correct course of action to take and the correct choice to make because my Father would never lead me astray. Thank you, Holy Spirit!  

Knowledge is indeed power. You see our Father wants the best for us. With the trials that we face, our Father wants the best for us. He uses the trials of life and still creates the best scenario and outcome. Knowledge of this transforms our response from that of our pain and personal agenda to a willingness to submit to His will for our lives. This knowledge provides a peace in whatever situation we find ourselves. Because it reminds us that He is still in control. In being in control and wanting the best for us. Guess what? We already have the victory. So, let us focus on the victory and tell our problems how big our God is, and not let our problems tell us how big they are. 

So, the concerned mom in me regrouped. The concerned mom in me went to the miracle prayer line and prayed like she had been doing for the other six days of the week. The woman and mother in me went to my S.H.E (Saved, Healed and Evolving) journey sisters and solicited their prayers for and with me. The mature woman in me accepted the phone call from my closest S.H.E journey sister, gave her more information and accepted the advice that she dispensed as an educator for over ten years that has experience with children my sons age. The woman and mother in me reached out to a sister friend who talked me off the ledge about my concerns. The wise mother and woman in me advocated for a telemedicine appointment A.S.A.P, convicted by the Holy Spirit that action was now. Staying in His presence, gave me wisdomknowledge and understanding to deal with the situation before me. 

So, I challenge and ask you saints, which of these three? Wisdom, understanding, or knowledge do you build your house, establish it and fill it with rare and beautiful treasures? Answer the question and I guarantee the Holy Spirit will speak to you. 


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