My Good, Really?

Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. 

This week has been interesting. I feel like I always lead with that line. However, it has been. Addiction is real. Generational curses are real. I came to Christ at a youthful age, in my twenties. I remember a feeling of peace when I was in church and with other believers, and with God. All the stress and worries about the future seemed to disappear or at least appear to be ok. They were less magnified. You see, I carried the weight of my families’ addictions with me wherever I went. I was so unhappy and serious as a child, and youth adult. Life at the time was dismal. It was a relief to be away from my family as I continue to matriculate through life. However, it was even more joyous to know that Christ had more strength to take on and handle these worries. Nobody knew that at home was a father with alcoholism, who I lived with for over 25 years. WeI did not know at that time that my sibling had inherited the generational curse. However, we would find out later, almost 10 years or so in her 30’s. This did not seem as if it was for my good. Really? Daily unease and anxiety not knowing what you would come home to as a kid. As a kid I wanted stability. I had that, and yet not in all areas of my life, for sure. Nor did I have stability in life elements that mattered most to me.  

My good, really? Now as I look back, and the journey is not over. As I look back, I can see how He is working it out for my good. With the job I have there are many situations where staff and peers alike are unsure, hesitant, and even scared to act. However, those same situations do not stir me to tremble, and yet allows me an opportunity to organize and respond in a manner that steers us all. He has allowed me to come forward as a leader. May I share a role that I do not want at times. You see with the addictions of my family; I allowed the enemy to heap upon me a boatload of shame. Shame for an addiction that I did not have. That shame propelled me always to the back of the room. I could hide at the back of the room. No one would know me or pay attention. It became easy to hide in a crowd.  

My good, really? With my immediate family the generational dysfunction is not so evident. However, dysfunction recognizes dysfunction. More importantly, when you are not willing to admit that there is a problem, you cannot fix it. As a result, I often find myself filling in roles that in this covenant oneness life experience journey are not mine. Nt mine in my mind nd per my understanding of His word. However, I lean on His strength. I lean on His strength to allow me to show respect and be a humble servant. I lean into His strength to help me perform the task that needs to be done. It is not about who does it. It is about when two or three are gathered His name, He is in the midst of them as it states in Matthew 18:18-20. It is seeing a mother do the same thing that He prepared me or the journey He knew was ahead of me. I am so grateful and thankful for His preparation. 

Be encouraged saints and know, even when it does not taste, feel or smell good. It is all still being worked out for our good. Not some things, not a few things, but ALL things are working out for our good when we are called for His purpose. So be encouraged to live for His purpose, no matter what the circumstances may be. No matter how you may feel. No matter if it does not look fair. He is there. He knows what you are going through. However, more important than all of that. He is working it out for our good. The journey that we each have is for us to serve one another. As we are strengthened, we tell others of our story so that they may grow and be strengthened as well. 

My good, really? May I share that my good, most recently has elevated me to serve on a marriage panel and share the virtuous woman perspective with husbands at a marriage retreat. May I share that my good has allowed me to share my testimony with my coworkers and peers, to pray with them so that they too may be encouraged and strengthened on this life experience journey. May I share that my good, has allowed me to serve as counsel to my supervisor for the resolution and direction of issues that arise in the organization for which I am employed. However, the most important good, is that He is magnified and glorified in the sharing of testimonies. He is exalted and others are discipled into the kingdom, living a life of purpose servant and bring others into the fold.  

Yes, my good, really! 


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