Established Thoughts 

Proverbs 16: 3 Commit your works to the Lord, And your thoughts will be established. 

Father thank you for establishing our thoughts. May our minds stay on you. May the thoughts we have be pleasing in your sight. May our thoughts of joy, love, peace and compassion be established on the foundation of your word. In Jesus name. Amen 


There are times in life that thoughts of the past can keep us from being present and approaching our future. May we see your good in out thoughts to give us momentum. May the momentum we gain from being present with you establish the goodness of life to infiltrate the communities in which we find ourselves. When we establish our thoughts on you, there is a difference that takes place in the world. There is a fate that we can’t forsake. The journey of life that you take us on is filled with so many wonders. There is unspeakable and unshakeable joy. There is pain so great that only a God can change it on our behalf. There is compassion so great that hearts overflow and burst with all of who you are inside us. There is gentleness so soft that light touch of you is felt all over. The is kindness so sweet that the ache which it causes in the hear tof man is felt by all whom we encounter. There is encouragement that uplifts the heaviest and downtrodden so high that healing is part of the horizon glimpse. There is patience so long that the inanest question is has an answer that only God can provide, a miraculous miracle indeed. Established thoughts of Jesus dying on the cross for our sins and a Father willing to give His very best. These are the established thoughts that give the most stable and true foundation for all life experiences. It is the love of Him who is and continues to provide, no matter what circumstances we find ourselves.  


Thank you, Father, for establishing our thoughts of your greatness. Thank you, Lord, for being present with us in mind, body, spirit living. Thank you, Father, for your truth in all we do. Help us to keep our mind on you. Help us to see your greatness inside each of us. In Jesus name. Amen. 

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