Instruction, Keep Her 

Proverbs 4:13 Take firm hold of instruction, do not let go; Keep her, for she is your life.  

Father, thank you for your bible, instruction for life. Thank you for writing the instructions down so that at any time we may go back for direction, see your leadership and apply your guidance to life happenings. May we see you in every conversation.  


Instruction  is direction. How often have I defied or rejected instruction based upon my desires, understanding and who they are coming from. Yet God’s instruction allows for no missteps. God’s instruction allows variety, choice and opportunities. However, in the instruction of His book is the solution for life. The gentle woman that she is, she illuminates the darkness that we find ourselves. Whether it is darkness in the mind, body or spirit, she will shine her light. Yet, the goal is remembrance. Can we remember to consult her? Can we remember that she is there for us? Part of the test is to go to her for consultation. She is alwyas there. However, our heart, that organ that pumps life’s blood through our body, is it free from harm? Is it free from damage of life happenings? Why? Because in going to her, in reading her, in consulting her, we must be a blank slate. To be a clean slate, submitted, willing and obedient, submitted to her instruction, our heart must be humble. Humble enough to be molded. Humble enough to receive corrections. Humble enough to be introduced to that part of us that requires healing. Humble enough to be instructed to go try and do it again. Humbled enough to get back up. 


God thank you for proving her, your instruction. Thank you for making this way to see you, to receive instructions. Help us not to let go. However, to hold on to her with all our might. To hold on to her, your love story for us. To hold on to her, with a loving and open hand, yields the most fruitful life. So, thank you Father for that.   

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