Believe and Receive 

Mark 11:24 Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them. 

Father helps us to receive the goodness of who you are in us. Help us to believe that you want the best for us. That the plans you have written, the purpose for which you created us is magnificent. That grace and mercy yours helps to pave the way and turn the heads and hearts of man towards your love. In Jesus name. Amen. 


Believe and receive the victory of your loving Father. It is only because of you that life is meaningful. However, to not see that finish line and yet to continue to take steps towards it is powerful and empowering. We may encounter a weakness of spirit, a weakness of faith, a weakness of belief along the way. Yet, to believe and receive in the power of the Father. To believe and receive amid His love for us is so powerful. It calls to the heart. It calls to the love He ahs placed inside of our being. It calls to the cry within our heart that yearns for something more and to connect with and to. It calls to the joy of being in His presence. It calls to who He has called us to be in the world. We are different. We are set apart. We are peculiar people. We shall receive the gifts of God. We shall see Him in our journey and walk in a way that declares His goodness and shows His power. That inheritance that we have in Him guarantees a life of power that displays itself for His glory. He calls to us in trial, travail, turmoil and tribulation. Yet, He also hears our cries and answers with blessings, open doors for sure and closed doors as well. He shows us the way in His response to our ask. He simply asks us to show up. He asks that we have belief in His gifts. He asks us to receive His answers with a humble, submitted and obedient heart.  


God thank you for the answers you give. Father, thank you for giving us a measure of faith to believe that you do not lie and provide all good things for your children. Help us to know you in a way that shows others your goodness and gifts today. Help us to see you and know the love that you have for us is true. Your love, all we must do is receive it. We thank you for your gift of love. 

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