I Will Give You Rest 

Matthew 11:28 Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. 

Father, we thank you for another opportunity to experience the rest that you have called us to take in your presence. It is sweet rest that we need in this season. Help us to surrender it all to you. Help us to look for your bountiful blessings amid the storm. Help us to see you. In Jesus name. Amen, 


Sweet rest. At times, there is an opportunity to be productive and at other times God calls for us to be silent and still in His presence. It is these times that we can experience that still small voice speaking ever so loudly. A peace and a calm descend as we are still and are quiet. So, today take the time, relish the time to sit with Him and hear His voice. Take the time to be in His presence and feel His love cascade over you in a way that brings a peace you can’t experience operating in this world daily. Whether it is work or the other tasks that call out to you. Know that in HIs presence all is well. All is still and handed over to a Father that is more than capable of taking care of it all. The sick husband, the wayward child, the bills, cooking and all these things that can keep us busy. Being under satans’ yoke (B.U.S.Y) unable to decipher what our purpose of life is to be. How, we are called to honor God. So, let us take a moment of calm, a moment of peace to see Him. To experience this sweet rest from the daily toils of life that beckon us time and time again to answer the call. To perform and operate in this worldly environment. Father, help us rest with you.  


Father help us to rest with you. That when we are overwhelmed, your love calls to us. When we answer your love call there is a rest experience that draws us nearer. It pulls us, beckons us even, to come forward. There at your breast, we lay. There at your breast Father, is peace. There at your breast Father is a place of rest waiting solely for us. Help us to rest there. In Jesus name. Amen. 

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