The Steps of a Good Man

Psalm 37:23 The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, And He delights in his way. 

Father thank you for the delight you take in your children. It is with such joy that we get to be in relationship and have an inheritance in you. Help us to not be swayed from the direction you would have us to go. Help us to see you in everything Father. Help us to see you amid our sinful ways. In Jesus name. Amen. 


God delights in us. It is because of His clarity of vision for our lives that should spur and sponsor the direction we go. In the certainty of who He is and has called us to be in the world there is peace amongst, in and around us. The peace and simplicity it brings to life is awe inspiring and tempting. It lends itself to a usefulness, joy, and purpose to our lives. There. Hope springs eternal. There, children are safe. There, a safe space and place exists for vulnerability with God and those in relationship with us that He chose. So, help us Lord to call on you. Help us Lord to know you are at work. Help us to delve deeper in our relationship with you in a way that shows the world your goodness. The steps of the good man that you are. The steps of a good man that you always take. The steps of a good man that bring light to dead and dark places in our life journey. Help us to be nourished by your good steps Father. It is the nourishment of you that feeds, that provides for our robustness, girth, delight, and joy. It is the steps of the good man that you are Father. So, Father thank you for the steps of the good man you are. 


Father we thank you for the steps of ta good man. We thank you that you are the food man that does not leave us or give up on us. You continue to encourage, forgive, and dispense compassion for our faults hurst and pains. You show us the way with each step you take on our behalf. In Jesus name. Amen.  

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