With You, Wherever You Go 

Joshua 1:9 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go. 

Father, let your peace be with me wherever I go. I stand before you grateful and thankful for life, grateful thankful for the experience. Knowing that when I submit to you, all is well. Thankful that you never leave and are always there. All I must do is turn to you, seek you, look for you and you are there. In Jesus name. Amen. 


The candle making journey has been one of love. Vending at events has opened my eyes to people that are pleasant, nice, and willing to have conversation. They are surprisingly willing to listen to me share my story. Grateful and thankful for the conversations that I have had this weekend. Grateful to be able to share my book, for the first time, at an event. So happy that I listened to God when He told me to purchase the book of the young lady vending across from me almost a year ago. To experience and see the amazing talents of all the crafters. Yet, another opportunity to walk through a door God saw fit to open. The biggest arts and craft fair I’ve done to date. Three glorious days, two floors, in an exhibition hall. Marvelous and wonderous to experience even with the tooth ache and pull of a new venture. The enemy did indeed resurrect His head for me during this journey towards God elevation. However, with Him going with me I go, victory is at hand. God, thank you for the victory. Thak you for increasing my faith over the fear. It was you that marched me forward despite the stomach whoa, despite the tooth pan and drama, despite the finance concerns. Journeying with you at the helm has released doubt, worry, stress, fear and so much more. I am encouraged and strengthened to believe and know that wherever I go you are there. It brings peace to my spirit. I may have not always looked and acknowledged your presence before. However, your relationship with me has been a lifeline that has kept me tethered in this world. However, no longer to tethered to this world. I thank you for the open mind, body and spirit to see and experience your love wherever I go. There is no comparison between your daughters, or any of your children as we are all uniquely designed in our journey with you. 


Father thank you for letting me always lean on you. Depending upon you when other areas of my life are unsteady has shown me a new way to live. It has given and renewed my hope. It has sustained me to know that I am never alone. In Jesus name Amen. 


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