Not Seen 

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. 

Father thank you for working on the unseen things. That you continue to uplift, restore joy, take away sorrow, filter through the pain your love. Help us to know that we are not forsaken Father. Help us to know that during our resistance you are waiting to restore our joy. You are awaiting us to acknowledge your presence and hand it all over to you. Let us be open to the new life that you are birthing for us.  


Work and people are a mixture for wrong interpretation of events. I thought I had a clear understanding of direction for a task. I communicated with all parties involved to make sure that work product continued. As a leader it is impossible not to provide a solution for a problem or obstacle at hand. However, my understanding was way off target. The solution was not sufficient. The solution was not appreciated nor was leadership receptive. With communication amongst all parties, I endeavored to direct the ship. However, this was not well received.   

The intent of heart and is not seen. The intent of the heart is to please God. In pleasing Him all other things are added. Meaning to me all others will be pleased. However, daily I learn this is not so. Pleasing God, the not seen, is a rough road to travel, especially alone. Often, man is intent of their own desires, wants and needs. God and the not seen that He works in is not a place where all wish to dwell. It is easier and more comfortable to have my way when I need it, want it and desire it.  

It is more readily done to bite the hand of those who wish to do good for you, than to acknowledge the effort they have put forth, even when you lack understanding or pertinent information for your bias. However, the not seen heart of God is still present. The not seen heart of God is still where He is working on us. Helping us to exhibit Him even in the resistance and delay of His will being done in our situation.  


Father thank you for working on our behalf. Thank you for dwelling in the not seen. Thank you for working it out for our good. Being a comforter that we can go to you. Being a protector of ill will towards us. Father, being a vessel of boldness in uncertain time. Being a keeper of your children. Protecting us for our good, propelling us forward in the not seen. Amen. Thank you in Jesus name. 


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