Exalt God 

Psalm 46:10 Be still and know that I and God. I will be exalted among the nations; I will be exalter in the earth! 

Thank you, God, for being exalted amongst the world. Thank you for reigning high over eveything. Thank you for always being present in our lives. Thank you for reminding us of your control, dominion, and power. In Jesus name. Amen. 


I can train with a trainer three days a week. This week was more than my body could contend with. This was my thought anyway. However, I made it through and must admit I am the better for it. My thoughts are stronger about what I can do. My body is stronger from the intensity of the amount of weight, the number of repetitions, and the variety of training that is different from the way I would have done on my own. However, also, in this week, I have been tested with relating to my brother. An understanding that as a trainer you are also considered a friend. As a friend, you are privy to my life with God. This life is intended to exalt God to all. To bring all back to Him. That is the sole intent of friendliness and conversation. All of it is intended to exalt God. The light that you see, is intended to exalt Him among the nations and here in the earth. The prayer is that our temples are transformed, made even more healthy with training, that He is glorified. He is magnified in us so that others to want to experience and see His goodness in their blesses body temple. May you see Him and be brought back into the fold. May your work with His children cause others to wonder and desire saving for themselves. May their curiosity be peaked whereby they begin a journey seeking God in their lives, if they have not already. May the love I have for Him, touch you. May your love for him be multiplied with those who train with you. May we duplicate our service to Him in the talents and gifts He has seen fit to bless us with. In Jesus name. Amen 


God thank you for using us to exalt you here in the land. May your love for us be contagious to those we encounter. May your love for us be exemplified in our actions, thoughts, and deeds. May your love for us exalt you in our lives so that others may see and experience your goodness for themselves. In Jesus name. Amen. 


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