Straight Path


Proverbs 3: 5-6 Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. 

I am thanking the Lord today for all the straight paths He saw fit to create and correct in our lives. Saints trouble does not last always when we follow Jesus. These words should be so easy to adhere to. They imply that when we don’t trust in the Lord with all our heart and when we lean to our own understanding, and when we do not submit to Him, our paths in this life will be anything but straight. We will in essence, have the opposite of peace. We will have the opposite of compassion. We will experience the opposite of forgiveness. We will experience and partake of all those things that are tools and tricks of the enemy that keep our eyes on everything we can see. Keeps our mind on everything we can understand and process. Keeps our body in turmoil as we travel to and fro not having a idea which direction we are to travel and go. 

However, with trust in the Lord, with all our heart and not leaning on our own understanding and submitting all our ways to Him. There is nothing our God cannot do with that saint, nothing. When we put our all in something, we dare someone to say something against it. It’s like a baby who knows that their nourishment can only come from mom’s milk. When that baby does not get that milk. The cry that goes forth can stop traffic. If that is not enough to turn heads and get attention. Have you heard the cry, that yell when after that first cry. Whoever has the milk still has not moved fast enough to feed that baby. That cry gets stronger and deeper. When we put our all heart in something, success is the only billboard ahead of us that we see. The idea and thought of failure is not fathomable or possible. It does not exist. We even have the audacity to get mad, upset and even defensive if someone begins to speak negativity or doubt our success. That is what all of our heart in Christ, our creator is like. An assured outcome to experience and partake in the goodness of life’s promises as stated and written in His holy word. 

To lean not to our own understanding. When we hear the Holy Spirit tell us to do something that does not make sense, we do it anyway. Just do it as the Nike Slogan states. We do not question or do the opposite of what we are being told, as I did last week with my wristlet. The Holy Spirit just as plainly as you please told me to put the wristlet in my workout bag. I reasoned and rationed and what I did not want to happen and guess what, it happened anyway with my disobedience. I left my wristlet at the health club and ended up driving to work without my driver’s license and other identification. All the reasons I rationale with the Holy Spirit not to put my wristlet in my bag. No, when we do not lean to our own understanding the road to redemption is made a little bit easier. The bumps, pains, cuts, bruises and scrapes, and scratches do no not hurst as much. We avoid the extras that we can cause ourselves. That’s what I did last week. I caused a needless extra bruise. They are simply wounds of war that we are all guaranteed to have in this life. However, when we lean into Christ, we do not pick up extras because we have strengthened the fleshly man and given him dominion over us versus strengthening the spiritual man that our God put inside of each of us.  

A willing heart, leaning not to our own understanding, and being submitted to Christ. That is an unstoppable saint. That’s someone He can use for His Kingdom.. That is someone that grows and glows for Christ. That is one who is not ashamed to tell anyone and everyone about someone who saves. My son and I walked to the Dollar Tree store by our house on Sunday while we were listening to the Way of Holiness Church Service on speaker on my phone. When we went into the store, I took it off speaker. Being respectful of sound and being inside the store. Still on but not on speaker phone. When we went to leave the store, I put it back on speaker phone before we exited the door and he acted so embarrassed. You know loud talking on the phone and everyone can hear. It was only a few seconds before we were back outside on the other side of the door. He asked me was I embarrassed. I told Him no and also reminded Him not to deny His Father for anyone. Nobody. Because if you do, He will deny you before His Father. I told Him, I used to be like Him and only recognized God on Wednesday and Sundays. However, now I know He will be with me always, people, money and things, huh not so much.  During a pandemic, He saw fit to give me a lifeline. Way of Holiness Prayer services Monday through Saturday, and so much more. So, no denying Him before any man. Amen. Thank you, Lord, for the straight path. Amen. 


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