Lord Hear My Humble Cry

Psalm 119:169 Let my cry come before You, O Lord; Give me understanding according to Your word. 

A cry out usually signifies that there is an unmet need. I remember when my children were infants how they would cry. Children cry right, when they are infants. It is the only means by which they can communicate. They cry to be fed. They cry to have their diapers changed. They cry to be burped. They cry to have a need met. We also cry when there is a pain. Whether, that pain is mental, physical, or spiritual. We cry out. That cry is a signal that all is not well. It is a signal that we require relief to ease the burden.  

How many of us know that a cry to the Lord is the same? A cry to the Lord is powerful. A cry to the Lord says, Father please help me. A cry to the Lord says Father feed me please. Feed me Father so that I can get full of Your spirit and tell others of Your goodness. From being fed by You Father, we have energy and stamina, to not give up. Father being fed by You, enables us to testify that when I was hungry, You saw fit to give me the bread of life. Your word as a guide to how we should function in this earthly realm. Father from being fed by You Father, we can speak words of kindness when asked about someone who has done us wrong in the past. From feasting on Your word Lord, praises, blessings, words that magnify and glorify who You are just seemed to flow like a river when we speak. Feasting on Your word Lord provides a richness, and fullness to our walk and talk whereby others cannot help to say, “But God.” That cry says, “I’m hurting.” That cry says, “Help me Lord.” That cry says, “I’m so sorry Father.” That cry repents for the past as it aches on the present and is fearful of what the future holds. That cry humbly submits it all back to Christ, as what we have tried in our own might has only gotten us so far and now, and now, we have no other place to turn, but God. So, like the adulterous woman, we go humbly to our Father to seek His counsel. To get the answer. To harken to His word, as He makes it all better. This does not mean that the answer will be one that we want. However, it is the answer that He has deemed so for our situation. With a repent, hurting heart, we cry, O Lord. We cry. He hears our humble cry. 

Father Your word causes a change to our wants and desires. Amid, not getting what we desire for birthday or Christmas, we are still grateful and thankful. It changes our behavior. When we are unkind or unruly to one of your children, we have the courage and dignity to go back and apologize. Because this flesh will rise Father as you know. It changes our friendships, fellowships, and relationships, as they begin to get crafted and molded to who, what, and where the Holy Spirit is leading guiding and directing us to purpose for which we were created. The change that takes place is the quickening of the Spirit that Nicodemus speaks of in John 3. Being born again. Being born again, provides a peace and calm to our response, that was not there before. It allows happenings in this life to roll off us, like water off a duck’s back. It becomes our kryptonite to the tests of the enemy, and those You put before us, and we pass with excellence. Being a child of the Kingdom is our goal. That Kingdom kid that pleases the Father. Pleasing You not for a gold star, or accolades. Pleasing You Father as we serve one another. That attractive anointing, that others want to know how they can be down too. How can they please the Father? Father thank you for the change and transformation. Father thank you for the change in our life situation. Hear our humble cry O Lord. Hear our humble cry. 

So let us not grow weary or faint saints. Let us continue to cry, O Lord. Let us continue to feast on His word. Let us continue to be changed by our Dad. Let us continue to exemplify His Christ like goodness. Let us continue this journey life experience. Let us continue. As we continue, we hear the Holy Spirit speak. The conversation that takes place is dialogue. It is communication. Communication with the comforter opens the opportunity to gain wisdom and understanding. Not an understanding that helps us feel good about ourselves or the trial and tribulation. An understanding according to his Holy word. An understanding that is the final say. An understanding that speaks life to our situation. It tells us we are not alone. It is His love in action for us. His love, agape love at work. That action brings transformation. It allows for God’s will to be done in our lives. Father hear or humble cry O Lord. Amen.  


One thought on “Lord Hear My Humble Cry

  1. God’s will be done! In prayer we must trust His plans for our lives. Thank you for sharing this post! Blessings!
    Pastor Natalie


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