Decently and In Order

I Corinthians 14:40 Let all things be done decently and in order. 

Isn’t it interesting how God designed and planned the world. He took seven days to craft it in an order that He deemed so. Gensis 1 is full of God’s goodness as He meticulously planned and crafted, day, night, sea, firmament, man. The list is endless as He is still crafting today. God is still crafting us and the happenings of the world. His endless possibilities are rampant around us. A pandemic no less. That’s a new one to experience in this present day. Yet, not so new to mankind as we look at His holy word. Pharoah dealt with a plague. The woman with the issue of blood for twelve years could not locate a cure. There is nothing new under the sun, Ecclesiastes 1:9. 

When there is a manner of order for the day in my home, I notice everything seems to flow smoother, easier. There appears to be an ease for which tasks are completed. There is an ebb and a flow. Less tension with children as they complete their chores. More time for fun,  play, and family time. I compare this to the goodness of God. The idea that like His creation of the world, there is an order in place that is easily understood. That order allows for a decent amount of time for work and play. Providing a balance, which enables the family to respond decently to the request for work and play. That order of work and fun time is honored and respected as a result.  

When we follow God’s direction, He to provides for things to be completed decently and in order. I often do not want to work out, go grocery shopping, go to work, or do any of the many other chores that I must to operate in this world. However, when each of the tasks are completed the order that follows is a result that I love and hold dear. Working out enables a healthy lifestyle. Going grocery shopping allows me to eat nutritious meals. Going to work consistently provides a means of support for my family and me. Following God’s plan is similar and yet so much more. Having no other God before Him allows us to hear from God and set boundaries with others that would like to take His place in our lives. Not using His name in vain helps us to remember that He is sovereign and to be respected no matter how upset, stressed or out of sorts we are. Keeping the Sabbath Day holy helps us to balance work, home, and life happenings. Given preference to each in a balance that produces the best outcome for all. Honoring our father and mother has taught us to reverence that supervisor that we might not always agree with. Valuing the life of others helps us to manage being upset and turn vengeance over to God, which is His right not ours. Curbing our desires helps to provide discipline and longsuffering both attributes of our Father. Being mindful and not stealing enables us to wait patiently on the Lord to provide a response and the means for life elements that we need. Not bearing false witness, reminds us to speak His truth on all matters. Not coveting that of another, helps us to show gratitude and thankfulness for what He has provided us. Not comparing ourselves to another, helps us to walk in our unique design for this life journey that He’s placed before us all. This glorifies and magnifies HIs holy work.  

Decently and in order brings allows for the manifestation of who and what God is, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent. He is all-powerful. He is all-knowing. He is always everywhere. Let us His children follow His example decently and in order. Let us be encouraged because He is the source of it all.  


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