Draw Near to Hear, PART II

Ecclesiastes 5:1 Walk prudently when you go to the house of God; and draw near to hear rather than to give the sacrifice of fools, for they do not know that they do evil. 

This week was a hard one. I did not have the best mental outlook of myself and it showed in how I was treated and how I treated others. I felt under appreciated. I had visions of myself giving, giving and giving and others taking, taking and taking. Again, not the best mental outlook. It was further hindered by my attempt to multitask. Which, I know is not possible. We cannot do more than one thing at a time. The idea that we can is a complete misnomer. We do more harm and kill brain cells trying to do so. I found myself, doing work or scrolling as I tried to listen and contribute on the miracle prayer line. I found my mind drifting as I tried to listen to the morning meditation. I discovered on this week that I failed to draw near to hear

As I journeyed on this week, my mood got darker and darker until I exploded. I had to apologize to a co-worker for jumping to an erroneous conclusion. I had an opportunity to have the conversation of apology. I thank God for giving me that opportunity. I am thankful that even during my mess, He sees me. He allows me to draw near to hear. He spoke to me. He spoke to me that following morning by allowing a sister friend to send me a message GIF stating that I was appreciated. He allowed me to share a word of encouragement with some other sister friends. He allowed me to be open enough to accept the request to talk of the ought and apologize. I thank God, He allowed me to draw near to hear. 

You see, the sacrifice I made was to allow the enemy a space and place in my mind that distorted the reality of life. I allowed my painful past to cloud my judgement or conversation via email in my present. How insane. I allowed my monologued silique to provide a conversation, response, and solution. Something which is one sided and only has one view. Not attentive to the evil which lived within. I am so grateful and thankful that HIs diligence can reside within me. So, grateful, and thankful that He always allows us to draw near to hear. He knows the answer. He answers. He created the answer. He has the answer. He is the answer in whatever situation we find ourselves. His answer is the response and solution for life. When we draw near to hear, there is a balm in Gilead.  

Draw near to hear today saints. Draw near to hear and know His peace that surpasses all understanding. Draw near to hear and experience the forgiveness of whatever sin you committed today. Draw near to hear and realize He wants the best for our lives. Draw near to hear saints so that evil does not stand a chance. Draw near to hear and let us be encouraged on this battlefield ridden life experience journey. Draw near to hear.  


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