The Lord’s Counsel Will Stand

Proverbs 19:21 There are many plans in a man’s heart. Nevertheless, the Lord’s counsel – that will stand. 

This past week my plans would have been to go workout and take my son driving as he continues the journey of obtaining his license. However, the Lord’s plan was different for me. He allowed me an opportunity to speak the word of encouragement for Ladies Thriving Together (LTT). Which I gladly jumped at the opportunity. You see I now know that His plans are what is best for me.  

The Lord’s counsel. Can we recognize it? Are we so intent on our plans that we are unable to identify His voice? Have we heard from Him and understand that He is always working for our good? He is always working for His glory. Every unknown turn of events is not meant to harm us. However, He resides in unknown events. He is constantly looking out for us. He is constantly and consistently working on our behalf. We may not be able to understand. However, He is there. We pray, but do we listen? 

Today, my mood was the blues. My mind was riddled with all the horrible items of my character. I did not feel His presence. Nor was I motivated to continue on the journey that I know He has directed me to be equipped and prepared for where He is taking me. However, may I share that He still touched me to show me His presence. That I am not alone. First, He had one of the saints from the prayer line reach out and request that I read the scripture and the prayer list tomorrow on the miracle prayer line. This lifted my spirits and told me that He was sent to heal the brokenhearted. He can use me for His kingdom. Secondly, an idle scroll in Facebook messenger, my friends shared that they enjoyed the conversation yesterday on the LTT call, led by yours truly. This boosted my confidence and let me know that He anointed me. Thirdly, He allowed me to share in the Break Free from Sugar program where He revealed to me that He sets at liberty those who are oppressed.  

Although, I had spent time in His presence throughout the week and on this day. My Father knew that I needed to hear from Him to know that the Lord’s Counsel Will Stand. When we need to feel seen. If we will rest, be still and cast our plan’s aside. He will show us Him. Father, thank you for always being there.  


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