I Refuse to Stay in the ICU

Mark 5:32-34

Pain knows no boundaries. Nor does it wait for a time of convenience, but it provides a reoccurring theme. It provides a chasm of continued trauma and drama. Retold repeatedly, over and over again. Retold causing fresh open and bleeding wounds that multiply each time in intensity to get our attention. However, may I encourage us all saints that pain does indeed have an end. That, that end has a source from which it flows.

May I take a minute and share with you my own personal pain. Pain on all sides from personal, relational, to professional. Personal mental pain as I allowed the enemy to loudly whisper and define my value or devalue to this world and society, from my presence to my voice and opinion. To my offer of help often times rebuffed and refused. To my desire to be included in groups just to have relationship, friendship, and fellowship with others regardless of how I was treated However, even in all this the worst tool and trick that the enemy used was keeping me isolated and alone so that he could continue to loudly whisper his foolish lies. A tool he often uses to appear powerful.

May I share on a relational note that the enemy used my isolation as a means f bondage. Often magnifying that rebuff by another human that relationship to tell a falsehood story. All created in my mind as the enemy talked versus going in love to address that brother or sister. Our Daddy’s kingdom kind. How relationships or pure agape, I often could not see. I often could not see because my lens had been clouded by my ICU pain. You see like this woman in scripture my pain had gone on for so many years. In here she says twelve years May I offer that mine had gone on for 20+ years or more. You see saints that blinded lens, that pain filled darkened lens, I could not see. I couldn’t see a way out. I could not see. I could not see that it was not normal, my pain, because the trauma has me bound for so long. But also like this woman in scripture, I have gone and tried the physician so many many times just to be disillusioned and hopes dashes yet once more time. Over and over again.

I can just see this woman’s hopes getting raised over and over again, just to crash to the ground. When crashed to the ground each and every time with a new amount of pain heaped on top. So tall and surmountable the idea of being outside of it or knowing joy a distant unfathomable thought. Not something that she remembers from her past, joy. Hmmm So very intense. May I raise my hand right now and say I’ve been there. May I share right now that if I proceed on in this life without my Daddy that I’m more than likely to find myself there yet again. May I say and share that I too am this woman with the issue of blood, bleeding out pain. Bleeding out pain so much so intense that sometimes unknowingly, I pain others. You see hurt people, hurt people. Yes, I say hurt people, hurt people.

Professionally may I share that my pain has come also form the actions of others, Allowing the action of others to bring on my head trauma and drama. You see it is nothing like being a supervisor making decisions for the good of all. Only to have that one, that tries you man may I say. May I share that in my career I’ve had to face the Union. The dreaded Union not at my behest or request, but by the actions of another. Where what they were doing wasn’t going to stop and the only way to do so was to take action with the process and procedures available to me. May I share saints I went through much pain. You see they to had pain that manifested for 20+ years as that is how long their action had taken place prior to meeting me, I later found out. Tears of pain. Sleepless nights of pain in my heart. I did not want to take the action before me. IT was not easy. Yet it was the only recourse. Pain in my mind as I tried over and over again to reconcile an answer a solution to the problem at hand. May I share saints yet again, I too am the woman with the issue of blood that we read about here in this text. Yet like this woman I refuse to stay in the ICU. I refuse to be condemned, but convicted to reach and see my Savior, my God, my Daddy for my healing. I refuse to stay in the ICU. So I ask, seek, and knock as it says in Matthew 7:7, as I try to get the healing that is promise din my Father’s word.

Let us continue to ask, seek and knock. You see here in this text. The woman with the issue of blood did ask, quite boldly I might add. She made a declarative statement in verse 28, “If only I may touch His clothes, I shall be made well. You see saints her ask was riddled with her belief, so she did not have to end with a question, because her belief made it a done deal. Matthew 21:22 tells us that “and all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive”. So, by her belief it was already done. What a bold ask right there. Wow! What a bold ask! She sought Jesus out. He was traveling going to and fro. How many times, in our pain, are we seeking an answer? We to, going to and fro. Prayer, reading scripture, talking to people we think e can help. Seeking healing an answer like the woman in the text.

The knock, last but definitely not least, it is here that she received her healing. You see saints her knock, the touch itself allowed the door to open for her miracle. Her miracle healing. You see saints, our Jesus, our Daddy doesn’t want us in the ICU. He doesn’t want us riddled with pain. He wants us whole. He wants us healed. He wants the best for us. A mind, body, spirit filled with pain, no. A mind, body, spirit, filled with joy, yes. Our healing from our Daddy can only come from Him. Our healing like the woman here in the text requires action. An action of hope, an action of faith, that He can bring about change to our situation, that He can bring us out of our pain. So, go forward. Go forward in your healing, because it’s your right that your Daddy has guaranteed to you, to us in His B.I.B.L.E. His Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. So, let us be encouraged in our refusal to stay in the UCU and boldly and confidently ask seek and knock for our Father’s healing.


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