My Inward Parts

Psalms 139: 13& 14

In this life we spend a lot of time focusing on the outward man; from
clothes, to shoes, to hair-straight curly or long, to skin color, make-up,
purses, eyeliner, lipstick. The list is endless and goes on and on and on.

However, our God, our creator focuses on our inward parts.
Those elements of man that are not so readily visible but takes time to develop
and are only shared with a select few who we trust. Who we trust with the gift
of who we are? What He, our creator has called us.

These inward parts, our heart. Here is where God
says the issues of life resides. See saints our response to life circumstances,
life issues are determined by those life experiences that have affected our
hearts. Whether it is hurt from a failed relationship. Rejection from one’s
peers. A no for a job when we prayed and believed a yes was on the horizon. How
about an ex-husband that wanted another opportunity, or a promise broken by a
friend? Maybe a missed opportunity to encourage another saint or fear that led
to doubt and worry, so now our heart has been pricked with bitterness.

What about our mind? Another inward part of this
human vessel. No one else can see with the earthly eye. Yet our God knows very
intimately where our mind goes, our actions will follow. So let us think on the
wonderful things of Christ. His goodness and faithfulness to us. His goodness
and will for our lives. HIs goodness in keeping us during those hurtful heart
times. He keeps our mind stayed on His promises as a friend and Father when
rejected by peers. He keeps our mind stayed on Him as our source when our
resources change and shift. He never breaks His promises. This, our mind knows
as truth. our mind is filled with His truth as we share our testimony with

The inward parts of us that our God created are
shielded treasures and evidence of His love. He protected them in our mother’s
womb and continue today. You see saints to know our hearts and our minds we
must send time together with Him. Not a surface hello and goodbye, but
relational fellowship with each other. Getting behind that screen that we out
up for the word to see. Spending time with each other breaking bread, eating
physical food one with another. Spending time together breaking bread, the word
of our Father. Feasting together on His word. Praying together, reading His
word, studying together for understanding. Ingesting and digesting together on
His word. Praying together to help us in building our hearts and minds like our
Father, so that we can be the hands and feet of Him on this earth.

Saints when our inward parts are willingly submitted
to Him, our hearts, mind and spirit, we can praise Him and tell others of His
goodness and know that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. You see saints we
were created in His image and are one of His many marvelous works and out souls
know it very well.

So let us thank Him for our inward parts that He
covered in our mother’s womb. Because the inward parts of us are what Christ
looks at and we are to walk this life journey experience being pleasing unto

So let us praise and thank Him for our inward parts
because they are protected by He who made us and are a gift a reward and a


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