Call on Him

Psalm 145:18 The Lord is near to all who call upon Him, To all who call upon Him in truth. 

One day this week, I heard the Holy Spirit tell me clearly to put my wristlet wallet in my workout bag as my husband and I prepared to leave the house and go workout.. However, just as swiftly and clearly, I disobeyed the Holy Spirit. I very boldly, conversation in my head, shared with the Holy Spirit I would forget my wristlet in my bag. You see I had done it so many times before. Arriving at work, only to discover that my wristlet was not with me. However, it was still at home in my workout bag. I was not willing to risk this yet again! On this day I had the pleasure of seeing a co-worker at the health club as I waited for hubby to finish his workout. I distinctly remember upon leaving the health club, situating the wristlet in the car, and making sure it was on my person. Yet, when I arrived home, no wristlet was found as I attempted to participate on the miracle prayer line. With military precision, I attempted to contact the health club by telephone with no answer. I had a moment of thought that I needed to drive back to the health club. However, just as quickly the thought to call my co-worker that I had seen at the health club saved me a trip. Did I share I had never ever seen this coworker at the health club? L I mean never to infinity and beyond, like Buzz Light Year never. Upon calling her, it was confirmed my wristlet was at the health club and she would bring it to me at work when she arrived.  

May I share yet again. God showed up this week. On this candle journey I purchase supplies every pay period. In preparation for an event in November, I purchased supplies only to fall short by a dollar or two in being able to purchase the wax needed to test Fall product for the November event. However, the Lord saw fit to encourage another co-worked to pay her dues for the community refrigerator which was purchased over a year ago. Would you know that there was $1.34 left over after purchasing wax to test candles. 

With a calmness and assurance, call on the Lord. At every turn, in every situation, His presence leads, guides, extends grace and mercy and protects. Even in my willful disobedience, God saw fit to restore me back to Him. He saw fit to show me that He is in control with a gentle hand. He saw fit to extend compassion and forgive me yet again. Call on Him today. Call on Him for the complex situations of life. Call on Him in the simple situations as well. Call on Him and believe that He will do as it says in His word. Every battle is indeed in His hands. He knows it all anyway and is just waiting for us to turn it over to Him. He is waiting on us to come to Him with every care and concern. Call on Him today and every day after. He is always there to save deliver and set free. This life experience journey is not meant to be taken without Him. This life experience journey is meant to be an evolution of His goodness into the earth with all those that encounter Him today through and with you. Each one teaches one. Each one touch one as relationships with the Father evolve through our fellowship one with another.  


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