Imitator of God

Ephesians 5: 1&2 Therefore be imitators of God as dear children. And walk in love, as Christ also has loved us and given Himself for us, an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet-smelling aroma.  

To be an imitator of God is a high honor. May I share that I am just coming to know and believe I am a daddy’s girl. A child of the Highest King! However, this also comes with a big weight and responsibilities. The weight of being nice when you really don’t want to. The weight of doing things that you really don’t want to do. Being an imitator of God requires us not to quit. Crying and screaming here. The responsibilities are even greater. Exhibit love, patience, restraint, joy, even amid trials and storms. Who wants to do that? 

Imitators of Christ, carry their weight. I laugh here because who wants to carry more weight? I know I don’t want more weight on my body or in my hands to carry around. Why? Because it makes it harder for me to maneuver and move around. However, in the spirit, to be an imitator of Christ is and honor. To carry more weight in the spirit, turns us into imitators of Christ. You see, Christ carried all our weight. He carried it until His death at the cross and still carries it today at the Fathers right hand. Interceding on our behalf to the Father. That is mighty weight. That is weight that we will never be able to carry. Honestly, in our flesh would we want to? No. Yet, He places weights upon us. Weights which He knows we can bare. In creating us, He knows which weights we can handle. Handling that weight. Carrying that weight. He gives us a choice. He gives us a choice to be imitators of God. However, can we make the right choice? You see saints, the correct choice, leads us to maturity. The right choice doesn’t torture Him again. The right choice introduces another to Christ. The right choice enables us to level up to success and turn around and grasp the hand of another and bring them up. The weight propels us to be an imitator of God. It actually makes it easier to maneuver and move around. 

The responsibilities are even better. That is sarcasm as my youngest son would say. The responsibilities encourage us to be vulnerable. The responsibilities carry weight as well. The responsibilities force us to deal with our past hurts, those life experiences when we didn’t choose Him. It took some time for me to find a group of friends that I could be vulnerable with. A group of people that I could share my pain stories with. I joined Al-anon, this was the first group. This group is for family and friends of alcoholics. I didn’t realize that my father’s alcoholism had affected me so deeply. I wouldn’t talk about my pain. I rejected others before they could reject me. I intentionally did not socialize, because the story I created said it would be a disaster. The negative self-talk still can run rampant. This healing allowed me to be open to a group of Chrisitan women who I call friends. We’ve read books that have transformed my mental state. Another group of entrepreneur women have propelled me to enter the entrepreneurial business arena. Something which had been prophesized in my life and nurtured in my heart for many years. Yet again, my prayer to our Daddy for friends with a like mindset was answered. He allowed me to join a women’s co-hort group where we talked about the many ways which people can and do experience God. He continues to prepare me for where He is taking me. My prayer is that you let Him do the same for you. 

Imitator of God is a high honor. In this world people try to imitate athletes and others they consider role models. We wear apparel with designer names. We try to mimic their gifts. However, to be an imitator of God is a high honor. You see, to be an imitator of God only requires that we accept Him as our Lord and Savior. Accepting Him allows us to get out His way and stand in His will. It allows us to take on the weights and responsibilities that He has placed before us. Having faith and hope that all is working out for our good as we believe in Him and are called to His purpose. So let us be imitators of God. Let us imitate His willingness. Let us imitate Him in taking up our weights. Let us step into our responsibilities. Let us exhibit His love one towards another. Imitator of God is a high honor. 


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